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ITV Love Your Garden

We were invited by The Love Your Garden Team to assist them on the development of a garden in sunny Devon.

The Wood Family have 4 children aged between 4 and 11 years old.  Our brief was to create a jungle trail that would grow with the family.  It was one of the best projects of all time!

Here’s how we did it…

1. We got hold of three tons of Oak and Pine. After we struggled to stand it up Aidy got to work with his chainsaw.


2. Oliver got to work with his trusty bark scraper and began the tedious task of removing all the bark.


3. We wanted to do as much work on the structure in our workshop as possible before transporting it down south (over 300 miles!!)


4. We arrived in Devon got our priorities sorted then went for a necessary surf!


5. We met the team then got cracking.



6. The weather was amazing!


7. The side ginnel was to narrow to bring in the garden goodies so the boat had to be hand balled over the garden wall. Alan Titchmarsh and David Domoney showing off their muscles.


8. David Domoney hiding in the jungle planting describing the texture of our tree stumps.


9. We installed the bespoke handmade rope bridge whilst Frances and Katie planted up around the structure. The little seats really made it!


10. The trail sat perfectly hidden away among bamboo and grasses with a pea gravel surface.


11. With our job complete we thought it right to jump in and offer our services in any other way possible to help push the job on in time for the arrival of Mrs Wood and her 4 children.



12. We made it just in time. The moment when Alan Titchmarsh handed Mrs Wood her garden back was an emotional moment.





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