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What we do

Design and install bespoke play areas using natural materials.

How we came to developing outdoor play areas

As a child my parents fell on hard times financially. After losing our home and all worldly possessions we we’re lucky enough to move to a rented old farm house. The farm house sat within hundreds of acres of land with a mile long crumbled old dirt track entrance, the house it’s self had been vandalised and as a result had 20ft high security mesh fencing around the perimeter. To other potential viewers it looked like hell on earth to my family it was our opportunity to explore space and develop our skills and passion for creating environments.

We had little money so everything we created was from resources we found within the woodlands and surrounding grounds. We made tree houses, forts with connecting walkways, den spaces, watch towers, a stable for a horse which was abandoned on our door step the list goes on. We started to develop our bond with nature in what was our own magical word with no limits on outdoor play.

Who works with us

Me: Oliver Wotherspoon/artist by trade. My dad Richard/ landscaper and project manager, my brother Harry the tree surgeon, two joiners Aidy and James and my wife Tamsin/head of maintenance.

What we provide

We don’t supply off the shelf play products. We create an environment that acts as a magical platform for children and staff to transform into what ever they want.

We use treated and green timber and planting to make zones for climbing, digging, water, mixing, mark making, transition the list goes on. I work with the staff and children to work out a design, if the children want to help with the installation of the play area then we arrange workshops at the end of the project I play in the area with the children and staff mainly to show and try to inspire staff into how the space can be used and the potential to develop the spaces further with their own unique touches.

The benefits

Limitless play opportunities creates inspired and happy staff = inspired and happy children

Who do we work for?

We work for all aspects of the public and private sector no project too big or small.

Call Oliver to discuss your concept today on 01204 840284

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Our Awards

  • Hulton Lane sheltered Accommodation – Environmental Project of the Year award 2007 sponsored by Bolton at Home
  • Hunger Hill Action Group – Environmental Project of the Year award December 2008 sponsored by Bolton at Home
  • Cool Canvas won the 2009 Community Business of the Year Award for Bolton and Bury

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